The first ever Camp Roller Derby took place at Camp Eden Woods in Harcourt, Ontario on beautiful Elephant Lake from August 21-23, 2015 and it was better than we could have imagined!

Camp included members from 10 different Ontario leagues and everyone from new skater, retired skater, veterans, announcers, managers and enthusiasts.

If there was every a group meant to take part in camp, this is it!  From discussing relevant topics to roller derby, doing morning yoga, to taking part in camp activities like volleyball, archery and crafts.  The beautiful weather and stunning lake made kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, water trampoline and of course banana boat rides very popular activities.  

We were also very skilled when it came to relaxing on the water trampoline, dock and beach, enjoying lovely meals prepared by the camp cook, and nightly camp files that were endlessly fun.

Just like what camp is meant to do, bonds and memories were made and our Ontario Roller Derby community just got a whole lot cozier!

Until next year!