You've Got Questions.  We've got Answers.   

Who's  Camp Roller Derby for?

Camp Roller Derby is for anyone who considers themselves a part of the weird and wacky Roller Derby community.  That includes: skaters, officials, fans, managers, organizers, announcers, photographers, writers, retirees, partners or friends of any from that list and any others who just hang on.

Wait, is this a training camp?

Nope!  Unless you need to train to have fun.  There will be opportunities to be active and move in organized and unorganized ways (like canoeing, relay races and beach volleyball), with whatever level of intensity you choose.  But it's mostly recreational and a chance to take part in some rest and relaxation in the great outdoors.

Should I bring my skates?

There is an outdoor paved sports court at the Camp which you are welcome to use if you want to skate. There won't be any organized on-skates activity.  We get lots of chances to skate on concrete, but less to enjoy a beautiful lake, the choice is yours.

When I sign up, what's included?

With registration you get 2 night accommodation at Camp Roller Derby (these are in bunk style cabins each equipped with private bathrooms), all your meals and snacks starting Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon, all the Camp Roller Derby programs and activities including use of equipment and supplies.

What do I need to bring?

After you sign up, you'll get a proper packing list.  But essentially your clothes, bathing suit, hat, beach and running shoes, bedding or sleeping bag and anything else you might like to have for the weekend.

What about electronics?

Camp is a great opportunity to unplug, but unplugging is not required.  The lodge and cabins are equipped with power for charging.  Depending on your carrier your reception at Camp may be limited.

Are kids or pets welcome at Camp Roller Derby?

Presently no.  If there was enough interest in having a Jr. Camp Roller Derby cabin and program running concurrently, that would be great down the road.  So far there hasn't been the number to create such a program but if you know folks interested, please let us know.  

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